Readymade Grocery Mobile Apps

  • Grocery shopping and delivery apps for iOS & Android.
  • Streamline supply chain of your online grocery business.
  • Add an additional marketing channel for grocery business.

Readymade Grocery Shopping App

The readymade grocery shopping app add value by being feature-rich and truly global. The easy to use Android and iOS apps offer an intuitive user interface that improves checkout while displaying information in user's local language.

Grocery Shopping App

Growcer comes with an easy to use and ready to install multivendor grocery shopping apps. The readymade Android and iOS apps add value by being truly global with its multilingual feature. Whether your shoppers speak English, Spanish, French, Arabic, or any other language, they can easily use your grocery apps. They can focus more on shopping and spend less time filling the long user registration form with the guest checkout feature. For a more personalized shopping experience, Growcer offers location detection, which enables a filtered view of nearby restaurants. To deliver a buyer-centric shopping experience, delivery boy tracking is also available with the live location.

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growcer delivery app
growcer delivery app

Delivery Apps (Driver apps)

The multivendor grocery delivery app for drivers bring visibility with a route navigation feature that displays the location of grocery stores and the buyer's address. Operational ease is added for the delivery staff members as they get push notifications when an order is placed. Delivery is a complex activity, and for effective management, the delivery radius feature enables the staff to define the area in which they are comfortable delivering. The Android and iOS grocery delivery app also offers a click and call feature. It saves time with quick call functionality to connect with buyers or sellers.

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Our Work

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Our Work

A US based multi-vendor grocery marketplace with hyperlocal functionality

An Ireland based grocery platform delivering fruits, vegetables, frozen meat, alcohol, etc.

A UK-based hyperlocal grocery delivery platform, currently serving London

A Nigeria based epharmacy platform delivering drugs to the doorstep

A Canada based grocery ecommerce platform, bringing groceries to the doorstep.

Grocery Shopping & Delivery App Technology Stack

Readymade apps can be used to gain competitive advantage. For modifications, we support native and hybrid mobile app development as well.


Kotlin adds exceptional capabilities in the grocery shopping and delivery mobile app. Most of the benefits of using Kotlin are centered around creating quality mobile apps. Few ideal examples can be - Kotlin requires less programming to create an Android mobile application, Kotlin is gradually becoming universal which enables one to migrate from one platform to another.

React Native

Grocery shopping and delivery mobile app can come in different types. Other than native, hybrid mobile app saves time as only one application is developed for both Android and iOS platforms. React Native-based hybrid mobile apps also enable implementation of customer feedback with capabilities such as live reloading or hot reloading.


Java-based mobile apps are considered to be among most secure applications in the industry. Additional values that are added through the developed grocery shopping and delivery app are robustness, as Java offers a compiler which shows minor errors in great detail, and extensive debugging capabilities which assists the mobile app developer to create quality apps.


Swift, as the name suggests, offers speed and agility to a iOS grocery shopping and delivery mobile application. As per official statistics, Swift programming language is 8.4 percent faster than python and 2.6 percent faster than objective-c. Hence, Swift can be preferred for development of iOS apps where speed and user interface with better experience is required.

Famous Grocery Mobile Apps that we can Develop*

Ever changing customer demands can be met with unique features and models. Here are few apps that we can develop.


Instacart is among the leaders offering same day grocery delivery. Android and iOS Mobile apps include delivery staff, customer, admin, vendor (supermarket), and more.


Supermercato24, now Everli, is a Milan-based grocery platform. It offers essential features such as time slot for delivery, chat, store locator, search bar, coupons and offers.


The agricultural online market, Cortilia, offers user friendly mobile apps that offer categories, products of the week, box subscription, and delivery planning.


The UK-based grocery shop adds value for the consumer by offering features such as instant ordering, integrated barcode scanner, search functionality, and captivating UI.

Clients and Testimonials

We enable our clients to solve complex challenges by providing grocery shopping and delivery mobile apps.

We hired FATbit Technologies for providing us with a software called "Growcer" to develop a platform that will enable local community to order fresh food from the local farms on a daily basis. We were impressed with the large amount of third party integrations that were available per default. It is worth mentioning that FATbit team helped us every step of the way and even weekend work was done when deadlines were tight.



Having an online site was critical in resuming business during the COVID-19 quarantine. Throughout the process, FATbit Technologies prevented feature creep to keep the costs within budget."

South West Market

South West Market

I am here to say I had the best experience with FATbit. It was most pleasant for me to work with the FATbit Team. I am very satisfied with the website that they created for my shop. They helped me alot."



Online Grocery from Growcer fulfils all my requirements. The user experience is great. The admin panel is clear and easy to use and understand. The team who was working with me were so understanding, patient and full of knowledge about new technologies."

Shop Drop

Shop Drop

Great company to deal with customer support wise. Would recommend"

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