Why Choose Growcer for Your Online Grocery Delivery Marketplace?

Growcer is a grocery marketplace software that is more than a technology. It is a methodology that is developed to help you leverage our 10+ years of industry experience, learning and collective expertise so that you can execute your own comprehensive strategies in the grocery eCommerce space. After all, your success matters to us.

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Niches catered
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Overall Ratings
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Industry Experience

Leaders Delivering Value in the Grocery Delivery Industry

Disclaimer: FATbit/Growcer is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in Growcer. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.


Different Ordering and Delivery Businesses you can Launch with Growcer

Fruits and Vegetables

Add capabilities to your fruits and vegetables store with an online ordering and delivery software solution. As fruits and vegetables have less shelf life so any error or bug in inventory management can lead to spoilage. Hence, Growcer has been developed and deployed with utmost precision after having different quality checks. Popular online grocery businesses that can be built using Growcer are Instacart, FreshDirect, Shipt, Rapi, and so on.

Pet Food

There are many different niches within the pet food market that sellers think to sell. Few such niches based on source-type that pet food stores may sell include synthetic, plant-based, and animal-based. Using Growcer, a business owner can also sell or create a marketplace that sells both wet and dry types of pet food. Chewy, PetFlow, Petsmart are some of the popular online pet food supply businesses that can be built using Growcer.


Many health and fitness clubs sell health supplements offline. Recent industry trends show that health supplement manufacturers are adopting eCommerce capability for expansion and wider audience reach. Different categories such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, fibers, and more are offered by online supplement sellers. A few online supplement stores that can be built using Growcer are UP Nutrition, A1 Supplements, eVitamins, Gaspari Nutrition, and so on.

Farm Products

The farm product category faces multiple challenges. One of the major challenges is the presence of middlemen which adds to the cost. Using Growcer, you can bridge the gap between farmers and consumers while enabling food producers to sell cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fiber crops, spices, forest products, poultry, fisheries, oils, and fats. Growcer is efficient to build online farm delivery platforms like Farm to People, Farmer's Market Online, Our Harvest, and so on.


An online meat ordering solution has to be scalable to accommodate the different options available within this industry. Growcer enables you to add multiple categories with ease. Using Growcer, meat producers can sell eggs, fish (and other seafood items), marinades, mutton, lamb, pork, poultry, sausages, bacon, salami, and more. Debragga, Meats by Linz, Meat the Butchers, and so on, are a few online meat delivery businesses that can be built using Growcer.

Online Pharmacy

The online ordering capability, pandemic, and evolving consumer behavior provided a boost to online pharmacies across the globe. Enabling entrepreneurs to start an online pharmacy store, Growcer provides the much-needed tools for order management, marketing, product management, and more. ePharmacy businesses like Medstoreland, ChemistDirect, Accelis Pharma, and so on, can be launched through Growcer.

Liquor and Wine

One of the recent trends to gradually gain momentum is online ordering of beer, liquor, and wine. Growcer can be used to sell different types of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Types of drinks include beer - craft, ale, stout, and more. Liquor includes whiskey, vodka, tequila, and more. Major wine types include red, white, sparkling, and pink. Using Growcer, online businesses like Drizly, BevMo, Marketview Liquor, and more can be launched.

Vegan Food

Using Growcer, vendors can sell a wide variety of vegan food products. Few examples include cereals, grains, and beverages. As demand improves, new categories can be observed seeing the light of the day such as dairy and mock meat that is made from cashew oats and soya, respectively. A few businesses selling vegan food online like Vejii, Plant-Based Grocery, Vegan Black Market, Vegan Essentials, and so on, can be built using Growcer.


The dairy industry faces many challenges. Among them, bridging the gap between producers and consumers is the most common. Growcer can help dairy producers sell a wide range of products such as butter, cheese, cultured cheese, frozen desserts, milk, milk powder, whey protein, and more. With Growcer a few popular online dairy businesses like Pete's Milk Delivery, Dairy Dealer, Broguiere's Dairy, Oberweis Dairy, and so on, can be launched.

Different Types of Marketplaces You can Build with Growcer

Fulfill customer demands by launching a grocery eCommerce business based on any of the below mentioned business models with Growcer

Single Vendor Business Model

Expand the reach of your business by launching an online grocery store and sell essential grocery items to buyers.

Examples- My Home Grocers, Mitti

Multi-Vendor Business Model

Offer a wider range of grocery products by collaborating with multiple vendors and launch a grocery eCommerce business on the multi-vendor business model.

Examples- Peapod, ShopExpress

Inventory Based Business Model

Manage stocks sourced through various grocery retailers and sell them to consumers directly through an inventory based grocery eCommerce business.

Examples- FreshDirect, BigBasket

Hyperlocal Business Model

To provide swift delivery of orders to customers within a defined geographic area, establish a hyperlocal business model for your grocery eCommerce business.

Example- Instacart

Direct-to-Consumer Business Model

Collaborate with brick-and-mortar grocery retailers and enable customers to directly purchase products from your grocery eCommerce store by basing it on the shopping business model.

Example- Instacart

Click and Collect/Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) Model

Enable grocery retailers to offer a seamless shopping experience to buyers by basing your grocery eCommerce business on the BOPIS model where buyers can buy online and pick up in-store.

Example- Kroger

Instant Delivery Model

To provide ultrafast delivery of grocery orders, base your grocery eCommerce business on an instant delivery model, where the seller and the logistics provider both get the order details.

Example- Zepto

Scheduled Delivery Model

Allow customers to pick a date and time of delivery among the pre-defined schedules by basing your eGrocery business on the scheduled delivery model.

Examples- Walmart Grocery, Cornershop

Business to Business Model

Deliver quality products with heightened efficiency and success with your eGrocery business based on the B2B model.

Examples- Huimin

Grocery Marketplace Business Model

Bridging the gap between evolving E-Grocery market and Digital Solution

Business Model

Experience your Future Grocery Marketplace

Discover grocery solution yourself and ensure clarity of fit & business-value impact

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Country: Georgia
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3. How likely are you to recommend FATbit to a friend or Business Associate?
4. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
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1. Professionalism of the project coordinator attached to your project
2. How would you rate our responsiveness to your inquiries?
3. How likely are you to recommend FATbit to a friend or Business Associate?
4. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
5. How well did we understand your project requirements?
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Country: Croatia
1. Professionalism of the project coordinator attached to your project
2. How would you rate our responsiveness to your inquiries?
3. How likely are you to recommend FATbit to a friend or Business Associate?
4. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
5. How well did we understand your project requirements?

Online Grocery Marketplace Software Features

Our marketplace grocery ecommerce platform helps you to streamline the important & effective components of the grocery supply chain with the help of tried and tested features.

Auto Order Completion

By using this feature you will be able to set the number of days towards automatically marking an order as completed. Once the order has been auto-completed, the buyer will not be able to send a return request.

Delivery Management

As an admin, you will be able to self-manage deliveries by either manually assigning or broadcasting them to the delivery staff. Moreover, you can also grant sellers access to manage order deliveries.

Single Item Cancellation

As an admin, you can enable this feature for buyers to cancel a single item from an already placed order. In addition, you can turn on the setting to automatically approve the cancellation request.

Order Cancellation and Adjustment

Admin can allow the sellers to adjust their order with a related item if the product requested is out of inventory. This decreases the chances of full order cancellation.

PickUp Management

You can disable or enable the pickup setting, thereby, allowing buyers to self-pickup their order from the store. Using this feature you can also view the sellers with this option.

Product Catalogue System

Create, import, export, and manage lists of products, categories, inventories, and more, easily with our product catalog system.

Advanced Reports And Statistics

Get detailed statistics of your hyperlocal grocery marketplace to evaluate the growth and make informed future strategies.

Commission Management

The admin defines commission from sellers and drivers. The hyperlocal marketplace software facilitates complete management of all transactions, deliveries, and seller wallet calculations.

Multiple Revenue Channels

You can make money through different revenue streams such as subscriptions, commissions, affiliate partnerships, advertisements, and featured listings.

Tax Management

The grocery delivery software comes ready for the admin to manage global, category, seller, and product-level taxes to be applied.

Subscription Packages Management

Admin can define and manage subscription packages for vendors on grocery ecommerce platform. Vendors have to pay a certain amount to the admin to list their store(s) and product(s) on ecommerce marketplace.

Multiple Level of Administrative Access

You can register employees as admin sub-users and give them different levels of access to the admin panel in your grocery delivery solution.

Delivery Management

As a seller, you can manage the delivery of your orders, by either broadcasting or manually assigning them to the delivery staff.

Order Cancellation and Adjustment

Sellers can adjust an order if an item is unavailable by seeking a buyer's approval. So instead of canceling the entire order, unavailable items can be adjusted with those similar to them.

PickUp Management

You can enable this feature to allow self-pickup for buyers. In addition, pickup slot options that are in sync with your store's operational timing can also be added.

Banner Ads

The hyperlocal marketplace software launches, accelerates, markets, and scales listed grocery stores with on-site promotions and other strategies.

Delivery Slots Management

Vendors can set up date and time of delivery slots provided by them alongside the shop timings (working days and time).

Vendor Dashboard

A vendor can view the total number of orders received/active/delivered alongside the sales graph and revenue earned.

Bulk Import/Export

Convenient import/export of huge data files comprising catalogs of categories, brands, and more, in CSV format facilitating the vendor with easy inventory management.


Access to a multitude of reports on sales, product inventory, stock status, and product performance renders a profound picture to the vendor to plan better.

Pin Shop On The Map

Pinning the shop on the map keeps its location updated, adding to store visibility, says vendors are open to grab orders, and assists delivery staff reach your store easily.

Order Cancellation Requests Management

Orders cancellation requests at any stage, before or after payment, are manageable with easy inventory record maintaining and smooth reorders.

Order Refund Requests Management

Refunding for orders canceled post-payment is no longer a clumsy task. Vendors can easily process order refunds and update inventory records regularizing orders ahead.

Subscription Plans

Subscriptions with options to renew, change, view plan details, and listings give the vendor a platter to dine upon along with comfort to switch between plans as the business grows.

Define Radius

The delivery personnel get to define a specific radius within which they want to do deliveries, giving them the scope to perform to the best of their abilities.

Accept or Reject the Order

Delivery staff on the online grocery marketplace can accept or reject orders as per comfort, feasibility, and chosen route, boosting their retention on the marketplace and deliveries.

Click and Call to Sellers and Buyers

Growcer's delivery app enables drivers to call both the seller and the buyer in a flash. A ready to call push-button saves time contributing to improved services and user experience.

Delivery Order Management

The delivery app lists all order IDs with detailed information on location, distance, and booking details to help the driver make informed decisions to accept or reject for delivery


Dashboards on the delivery app are equipped with all order details, credits, earnings, and admin commission, for a clear picture of the drive's productivity and takings.

Route Navigation to Sellers' and Buyers' Location

The Growcer powered delivery staff applications provide route navigations to and pro the seller and buyer's addresses for order pick-up and delivery respectively, strengthening services.

Convenience of Operating

A delivery staff application with descriptive dashboards, route display, and easy order catalogs adds to the performance, services, and convenience of the online grocery marketplace.

Order Cancellation at anytime

Managing challenging situations like driver vehicle breakdown are attended to quickly as the driver can cancel the order from his app, allowing time for recovery tasks and prompt action.

Push Notifications

With the delivery app adding appealing functionalities, push notifications augment responsiveness, keeping the delivery staff alerted on new orders and other important information.

Single Item Cancellation

If the admin has enabled this feature, then you will be able to cancel an item from the order that has already been placed. For an order consisting of a single item only, the entire order will be canceled and the full amount will be refunded.

PickUp Management

This feature allows buyers to select the pickup option and as per the available slot, pick their online orders directly from the physical store.

Auto-detect User Location

Smart grocery delivery solutions developed to auto-detect buyer location and display stores in proximity allow connectivity and ease of grocery shopping never experienced before.


No more managing multiple carts and paying multiple times for items from different stores. Conveniently add items from different stores to a single cart with a single check-out.

Guest User Checkout

Trouble creating an email ID? Growcer powered online marketplace allows buyers to shop and check out as guest users, not once but multiple times, without any feature compromise.

Order Substitution

Switching between brands to substitute selected items is a click away with the Growcer buyer app, giving the buyers a near-real experience of grocery shopping, sitting at home.

Order Tracking

With the buyer's app giving you an extra pair of eyes, you can now track your order status and know when to be ready to receive it.


Powered with progressive web apps, Growcer gives your online grocery marketplace a dominance above all. App-like feel with progressive features adds seamlessness.


Launch your online grocery marketplace with Growcer anywhere across the world facilitating buyers to shop locally in their local currency, without any hassles of currency conversion.

Enhancing the Backbone of eCommerce Grocery Marketplace Platform - Our Integration Partners

With Growcer's premium integration architecture, get several APIs to build a more scalable and robust eCommerce grocery marketplace platform, tailored to the needs of vendors and consumers.

paypal payment gateway
stripe payment gateway
aweber payment gateway
google analytics
google maps pre-integrated

Online Grocery Software Packages

Growcer comes with 4 unique packages that are designed and developed by segregating different grocery business requirements, which makes every software package comprehensive and ready to use.

  • All Standard Features
  • Default Design
  • Whitelabel Web Solution
  • Tech Support (12 Months)
GoQuick Delivery
  • All GoQuick Deliverables
  • Delivery Driver Apps (Android+iOS)
  • No Recurring charges
  • Tech Support (12 Months)
GoQuick Boost
  • All GoQuick Delivery Deliverables
  • Delivery Driver Apps (Android+iOS)
  • Buyer Apps
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Tech Support (12 Months)
  • All GoQuick Boost Deliverables
  • Custom Design (9 Pages)
  • Delivery Driver Apps (Android+iOS)
  • Buyer Apps
  • Tech Support (12 Months)
Plan Details GoQuick

(Default Design Web Version without Delivery Apps)

GoQuick Delivery

(Default Design Web Version with Delivery Apps)

GoQuick Boost

(Default Design Web Version with Buyer Apps, Delivery Apps & Marketing Services)

GoCustom Contact Now

(Custom Design Web Version with Buyer Apps, Delivery Apps & Marketing Services)

Plan Details
Default Design Web Version without Delivery Apps
Contact us
Default Design Web Version with Delivery Apps
Contact us
(Default Design Web Version with Buyer Apps, Delivery Apps & Marketing Services)
Contact us
(Custom Design Web Version with Buyer Apps, Delivery Apps & Marketing Services)
Contact us
Includes All
Standard Features
White-Label version of
Admin, Sellers & Buyers
Delivery Driver Apps (Source code for mobile apps is not included)
Buyer Apps (Source code for mobile apps is not included)
Frontend Design Default Default Default Fully Custom
Additional Functionality
Integration of ERP,
WMS, POS, TMS, etc
Unlimited Sellers & Buyers
Dedicated Project Manager
1-Year of Free Technical Support
System Documentation
Free Installation
SSL Installation
Lifetime Ownership & Source Code (Source code for mobile apps not included)
Zero Recurring &
Transaction Charges
Free Digital
Marketing Service
Worth $500 Worth $1000
Flexible Payment Options

Readymade Grocery App Solutions

Achieve sustainable competitive advantage & build a more capable grocery marketplace.

Grocery Delivery Driver Apps

Streamline your online grocery business with advanced Android & iOS mobile applications for the delivery drivers. To ensure a seamless grocery delivery, these robust mobile applications are designed and equipped with all the essential features that your online grocery platform needs.

Grocery Delivery Apps

Marketplace Grocery Buyer Apps

Growcer's ordering apps are developed after analyzing the psyche & behavior of consumers; searching, purchasing, last-mile tracking, and after-sales experience. All the important features of the ecommerce module w.r.t buyer are integrated well with grocery ecommerce apps.

Marketplace Grocery Buyer Apps

Clients and Testimonials

We enable our clients to solve complex challenges by providing grocery shopping and delivery mobile apps.

We hired FATbit Technologies for providing us with a software called "Growcer" to develop a platform that will enable local community to order fresh food from the local farms on a daily basis. We were impressed with the large amount of third party integrations that were available per default. It is worth mentioning that FATbit team helped us every step of the way and even weekend work was done when deadlines were tight.



Having an online site was critical in resuming business during the COVID-19 quarantine. Throughout the process, FATbit Technologies prevented feature creep to keep the costs within budget.

South West Market

South West Market

I am here to say I had the best experience with FATbit. It was most pleasant for me to work with the FATbit Team. I am very satisfied with the website that they created for my shop. They helped me alot.



Online Grocery from Growcer fulfils all my requirements. The user experience is great. The admin panel is clear and easy to use and understand. The team who was working with me were so understanding, patient and full of knowledge about new technologies.

Shop Drop

Shop Drop

Great company to deal with customer support wise. Would recommend

M&R Traditional

M & R Traditional

eCommerce Grocery Platform Revenue Models

Commission On
Each Transaction

With every transaction done, you can charge the seller a fixed amount as a commission on it.

Commission On
Each Delivery

Every delivery completed is commissioned with a pre-fixed amount chargeable to the buyer and driver.

Banner Ads &
On-site Promotion

Allow vendors to advertise their shop and range of products via banner ads and business-boosting website advertisements.


Vendors can list their store(s) on your online grocery marketplaces with subscription plans made available by you.

Growcer Partnership Programs

Let's help the community grow together with our white label partnership program. Become a partner and provide customers with our cutting-edge grocery delivery platform that you can resell under your brand name. We also allow partners to set their own profit margins and also benefit from no development costs.

  • Rebrand and Resell
    Rebrand and Resell
  • Set your Own Profit Margins
    Set your OwnProfit Margins
  • Target New Markets
    TargetNew Markets

Become a white-label partner of Growcer

Get Started

Empower hyper local businesses with Growcer. Refer our grocery delivery solution to interested entrepreneurs and get impressive commission on each and every converted referral lead. Furthermore, our team will manage the demo and custom support for you so that you can save your time for more important work

  • Additional Revenue Stream
    Additional Revenue Stream
  • No Sales Targets
    No Sales Targets
  • Commission for Every Converted Lead
    Commission forEvery Converted Lead

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