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Starting An Online
Grocery Business Is
Easy With Growcer
& Growcer Lite

Select any of the following business models &
start your online grocery business:

  • Inventory Based Online Store
  • Marketplace/Aggregator/Multi Vendor Model
  • Hyperlocal Online Grocery Store
  • Click & Collect

Our Solutions

A Step-By-Step Guide To
Launch An Online Grocery Platform

Either you decided to launch an online single-vendor grocery store with Growcer lite or a multi vendor grocery marketplace with Growcer, following are the steps to be taken:

Get The eCommerce
Grocery Platform Installed

Both Growcer & Growcer Lite are self-hosted solutions. All you need is server space from a selected hosting service provider.

Simplified Setup & Installation Process
  • On purchasing the license, you will be designated with a project coordinator who will committedly work on your project.
  • The project coordinator will also coordinate with the technical team for server specifications.
  • The system will be tested after pre-installation is complete. Our team will deploy the platform on your server. The whole process will take 3-4 working days in the case of stock product.

Configure Your
e-Grocery Platform

Once the platform has been installed, the next step in the queue is to configure the settings. Initially, it is essential to set up & configure important settings such as location, logo, language (we offer multilingual feature i.e. you can choose any of your preferred languages), country, and state.

Below mentioned are some of the important features that our solutions offer:
  • Effective management of CMS pages
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Secure checkouts
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multi-lingual
  • Email notification
  • Search engine optimized code & layout

Addition Of Products/
Catalogues On The Grocery

This process is different for Growcer (multi-vendor) and Growcer Lite (single-vendor). In the case of Growcer (Multivendor Platform).

Simplified Setup & Installation Process
  • Make use of product catalogs to add products
  • Bulk addition of products using import/export feature
  • Enable or disable product updated by the vendor
Addition of products by Vendor
  • Freedom to update catalogs and add products to store via the admin product library
  • Add and upgrade information to make every webpage SEO friendly
  • Vendor can send a request for the addition of custom products
In Case of Growcer Lite (Single Vendor Platform)

As the admin and vendor are the same in this case, he has a complete authority and responsibility to add/edit/remove products:

Launch Platform &
Market it

After the configuration of the e-commerce website, the next step in the process is to create an online presence for your brand. Our solutions come with a range of features like:

Below mentioned are some of the important features that our solutions offer:
  • Affiliate Module
  • Blog Integration
  • PPC Advertisements
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Rewards & Discounts
  • Email Marketing

Hassle-Free Management Of The Platform

Enumerated below are some additional features that make the
management of the e-commerce website easy :

Approve & Manage Requests (Available in Growcer)
  • Make changes & modify settings as per the demand of the business.
  • You can manage CMS pages, currency, and payment methods easily.
  • You can also alter catalogs, cancel, withdraw, return requests, &more.
Track Progress (Available in both Growcer & Growcer Lite)
  • Analyze reports on affiliates, commissions, shops, sales, top-rated products, frequently refunded products, offers, discount coupons, and much more.
  • Monitor and devise plans for business sustainability
  • o run a data-driven ecommerce business, you can calculate customer lifetime value with tools present in the platform.
Delivery Management

To streamline the delivery process, we have designed different modules for Growcer and Growcer Lite.

In the case of Growcer (Multi-Vendor Platform)
  • Seller defines the delivery zones, zone based delivery charges & approx. delivery time for each zone’s order delivery.
  • If delivery is rejected by delivery staff, then it will be a seller responsibility to deliver the order.
  • There is a grocery app operated by delivery staff for the order fulfillment.
In Case of Growcer Lite (Single Vendor Platform)

Admin manages the delivery process and buyers get every update (order picked, en-route, and delivered) on their shopping app.

Additional Features We Offer

  • Free
  • I Year Free
    Technical Support
  • Multiple Support
    ? We provide multiple support channels such as voice calls, live chat, video conferencing, F2F meetings, and Bizixx (our own project management tool).
  • Complete Ownership Or
    Lifetime License
  • Easy Payment

Connect With Us

Got more queries? We're here to help! Book a free demo and our team of experts will walk you through our platforms and explain the utility. Demo can also be taken via video-conferencing or on-site visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any user manuals for Growcer?

Yes, you can check Growcer user manuals here:

Do you have a mobile application for Growcer?
  • Single Vendor: Growcer Lite, our single vendor online grocery solution comes with a mobile application for the buyers (front end users) only. The mobile application is available for Android as well as iOS users.
  • Multivendor: Our multi-vendor online grocery marketplace solution comes with robust Android and iOS mobile applications for the delivery staff. By simplifying the process of grocery delivery, these mobile applications can be of great use for the delivery boys.
Is pricing includes payment gateway also?

By default, Growcer supports the PayPal payment gateway. However, any additional payment gateway can be integrated at an extra cost depending on various factors involved, starting at $750.

Would the product be deployed in our environment?

Yes, the product will be deployed on your server.

Does the product have email notification system and configurations for that?

Both, Email notification and configuration are available.

Do you give us the full product with source code, database scripts etc.?

We will provide you the complete product with full source code (without framework), database.

Who will manage the domain name and hosting?

Once you will purchase any of the packages, you will need to share the domain name and cpanel details with us and we will install the system on your server.

Will you arrange some Knowledge Transfer sessions to understand the product better?

We will provide user manual document to understand the system.

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