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A Customizable Solution To Launch An Online Medicine Delivery Business

In the year 2018, the global E-pharma market was valued at US $41,389.0 million. By the year 2027, these stats are projected to increase and reach US $150,891.1 million, growing at a CAGR of 14.8% over the forecast period.

Impact Of COVID-19 On E-Pharmacy Business
and the Rise of Medicine Delivery App

online medicine purchase graphic The image represents the probability of U.S. online medication purchases amid COVID-19 home isolation 2020 (Source: Statista)

Coronavirus has brought a dynamic change in the consumers purchasing habits. With E-pharmacy companies rendering a great user experience by offering convenient doorstep medicines and healthcare product deliveries, consumers are now shifting towards purchasing medicines using online means. Self-isolation measures have also triggered consumers to adopt eCommerce to get quick delivery of medicines. This dependency of consumers on online medicine delivery marketplaces has projected growth in the sector.

Rapid technological advancement has enabled people to order medicines using mobile apps. The medicine delivery app caters to the needs of a wider customer base. The app enables the elderly population to reduce dependency and order medicines themselves. With this facility, the patients can receive their orders at their doorsteps and make payments conveniently using e-payment methods.

Business Models Of Online Medicine Delivery

Entrepreneurs can launch an online medicine delivery platform using any of the following types of business models.

Single-Vendor Pharmacy Marketplace

Under the single-vendor pharmacy store, the admin manages both inventory and delivery. Administrative as well as other supplementary costs are less in this type of business model.

Understanding the framework of the single-vendor pharmacy marketplace

  • Consumers have to first register on the platform by entering valid credentials.
  • After completing the registration process, the consumer has to upload the prescription
  • The prescription will be verified after which the user can select the desired medicines and add them to the shopping cart
  • The user pays for the order and enters delivery address.
  • The pharmacy store owner will receive the order, prepare it, and dispatch it for delivery.

Multi-Vendor Pharmacy Marketplace

The owner of the online pharmacy business collaborates with pharmacy stores & forms partnerships in this model. On partnering, the brick & mortar stores get listed on the website.

Understanding the framework of the multi-vendor pharmacy marketplace

  • To get services, the users have to register on the platform
  • The consumers can search for the required medicines by uploading prescriptions
  • The website will enlist pharmacies that have the prescribed medicines in stock The consumers will place the orders and make payment
  • The admin will confirm the order and assign the delivery partner to procure the medicines from the pharmacy and make delivery. In this business model, the delivery can also be managed by admin.

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Features of Online Medicine Delivery Business


The admin can view order requests, monitor orders, and other ongoing activities directly from the dashboard.

Advanced Analytics

View orders received, orders cancelled, and delivery status with advanced analytics.

Real-Time Tracking

The admin can track the location of the delivery agent in real-time with this advanced feature.

Create Deals & Offers

Attract more customers by creating exciting offers, promo codes,and discounts.

Order Notifications

The delivery partners can receive instant notifications and perform deliveries.

Driver Availability

This feature enables the delivery staff to share their availability as online or offline with the app.

Route Optimization

With integrated Google Maps functionality, the delivery partner can track the shortest route for quick deliveries.

Hassle Free Payments

Multiple payment options like wallets, plastic money, and other e-payment methods make it easy to receive payments.


To render pharmacy services, the vendors have to register themselves.

Verifying Prescriptions

The pharmacists can easily verify and review prescriptions uploaded by patients.


This feature allows online pharmacy businesses to keep a track of every activity taking place on the website and monitor overall performance.

Store Management

Using the vendor dashboard, the pharmacists can conveniently update information by adding, deleting, and modifying data.

Login And Registration

The customers have to first register on the app using valid credentials(email and password) and then login to use the services. The customers can also login using their social media credentials.

Upload Prescriptions

The customers can upload prescriptions on the delivery app and search for medicines.


By using the integrated e-payment methods, the customers can make in-app payments after placing orders.

Offers And Discounts

The customers can stay updated about the latest offers and discount schemes with this feature.

How To Start An Online Medicine Delivery Business?

Apart from choosing the right eCommerce medicine delivery platform, there are many regulations and laws that have to be considered before starting an online medicine delivery business. In the initial phase, the process can be complex as many countries have already penned guidelines to regulate the commercial supply of pharmaceuticals.

To avoid any malpractices, the online medicine delivery startup must focus on being compliant with national drug laws.
Let's take a look at the steps to be followed when starting an e-pharmacy.

Pharmacy business registration

After choosing a business structure, i.e. proprietary or partnership, next comes getting your business registered. In the case of an LLC or incorporated company, this is a default step. Otherwise, you will have to get the brand name registered separately. The main consideration here is the availability of a domain name in combination with the chosen extension.

Register the taxes

This is a vital necessity for any business to run smoothly. Whenever goods are sold by a business, getting Value Added Tax (VAT) registration is of utmost importance. This step should not be ignored as it can invite legal implications. The VAT registration is conducted by the Sales Tax Department. Ensure that you check with the regulatory authority and understand all laws. There is no such exemption for online medicine delivery businesses. They also have to pay VAT taxes and get them registered.

Obtain a pharmacy license

Obtaining a legal license is a mandatory requirement when planning an e-pharmacy business. The license is issued by the State Drugs Standard Control Organization and the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. The regulatory authority verifies if the person has a legitimate degree in pharmacy, only then the license is issued.

Form partnerships with registered pharmaceutical stores

Partner with registered pharmaceutical stores as they will be the vendors on your online marketplace.

Website and mobile app

After fulfilling all the above requirements, now is the time to launch your online medicine delivery website and mobile apps.

Major Players In The Online Medicine Delivery Business

pillpack epharmacy platform

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