Growcer FAQs

Enlisted below are some frequently asked questions about Growcer: a multi-vendor ecommerce grocery solution to launch an online grocery marketplace.

What is Growcer?

Growcer is an online grocery software that is built with the latest technology and is integrated with 14+ APIs to help you start your online grocery delivery business with ease. Comprising a comprehensive suite of rich features, Growcer assists you in managing your grocery eCommerce marketplace/store without any worry. The team of visual designers, operational & technology experts and developers came up with Growcer to meet the needs of the evolving grocery eCommerce landscape. It is an ideal software solution that comes with iOS and Android applications for buyers and delivery staff to provide long-term competitive advantage.

What type of business models can Growcer support?

Growcer, a grocery eCommerce marketplace software can support multiple business models like:

  • Single-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Inventory Based
  • Hyperlocal Delivery
  • Click and Collect (BOPIS)
  • Instant Delivery
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Business to Business
What are the different types of niches that can be catered to by Growcer?

Growcer supports launching marketplaces of several niches such as:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Milk Delivery
  • Meat Delivery
  • Farm Products
  • E-Pharmacy
  • Liquor & Wine
  • Pet Food
  • Vegan Food
  • Supplements Delivery
  • Flower Delivery
  • Online Bakery
  • Construction Material

Also, any niche that requires hyperlocal delivery can be catered to by Growcer.

Does Growcer have mobile apps?

Yes. Growcer has native mobile applications for Buyers and Delivery Partners in both iOS and Android variants.

What is the Workflow of the Growcer Delivery App?

The orders can either be delivered by seller's delivery partners or admin's delivery partners.

  • Seller's Delivery Partners: Delivers the orders specifically for one seller.
  • Admin's Delivery Partners: Delivers the orders for multiple sellers.

The sellers who can't manage their deliveries, request the Platform Admin to do the needful. The Admin then provides delivery partners for the delivery of orders.

  • The order placed by the buyer is visible under the New Orders in Growcer's Delivery App to all the delivery partners who are Online and in the vicinity of the seller's shop. (the vicinity is configurable). These delivery partners also get the notification for the new order.
  • The order details are shown to the delivery staff, such as Delivery Address, Products, Earnings, etc., so that the delivery partners can make an informed decision.
  • The order is accepted by one of the delivery partners, who collects the order from the seller's shop and delivers it to the buyer's doorstep.
What is the workflow of the Growcer's Grocery Ordering App?
  • The user signs up or logs in to Growcer's Buyer App and gives GPS access.
  • They get the listing of products and nearby stores as per their current location.
  • Post that, the buyer surfs the platform, adds all the requisite products to the cart, and proceeds with the checkout process.
  • The buyer selects the Delivery Date & Time Slot as per convenience and provides the Delivery Address.
  • The buyer reaches the payment page and before completing the payment, applies Discount Coupons or Reward Points (if available) to reduce the Order Amount.
  • After getting the final order amount, the buyer selects a suitable payment method and completes the payment.
  • The buyer reaches the Order Success Page and also gets a notification for the same.
  • Order is delivered to the buyer at the chosen delivery date and time slot by a Delivery Partner.
  • The buyer then submits the feedback in the form of ratings and reviews.
Is Growcer GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Growcer is GDPR compliant. The users can request the System Admin to:

  • Provide their data
  • Delete their data
Is Growcer Multilingual?

Yes. Growcer is multilingual and provides support for both LTR & RTL Languages.

Are there any geographical restrictions while operating a platform built with Growcer?

No. The system does not pose any geographical restrictions. The Admin can operate freely in any region.

How does the Delivery Management Module work in Growcer?

The sellers configure the delivery management settings from their dashboard. The following settings come under that:

  • Enable Self-Pickup of the orders by Buyer
  • Choose Delivery Manager: Admin or the seller (themself) . The seller can request the Admin to manage the deliveries of their orders if they can not.
  • The rest of the settings can only be accessed when the Delivery Manager is the seller.
  • Set Delivery Charges: The seller has to set the delivery charges applicable for the orders of the shop.
  • Enable Free Delivery: The seller can set a threshold amount. If the order value surpasses that amount then the order is delivered free of cost to the buyer.
  • Enable Order Broadcasting: On enabling this, whenever a new order gets generated it becomes visible to the delivery partners (delivery staff) in the Growcer Delivery App.
  • Create accounts for Delivery Partners (Delivery Staff): The seller creates accounts for their delivery partners.
What type of payment gateways are integrated into the Growcer?

By default, Growcer comes with two payment gateways: PayPal & Stripe. But it also supports payment methods such as Cash On Delivery and Payments via Growcer Wallet. In addition, if any other payment gateway is required then it can be integrated under customization.

Does the platform have marketing features?

Yes. Growcer is equipped with the following tools & features to get the most from the platform for branding and marketing purposes.

  • Google Analytics
  • Robots.txt file
  • SEO
  • Sitemap
  • Meta Title, Description, Image, and URLs Management
  • Discount Coupons
  • Reward Points
  • Pay Per Click Advertisements
Does the platform have an affiliate module?

Yes, the platform comes with an affiliate module. The affiliates can get commissions from the platform if a user registers on the platform or purchases a product through their affiliate links. The affiliate commissions are manageable by the Admin.

Is the Platform SEO-Friendly?

Yes. The platform comes with an SEO module which includes:

  • Meta Tags Management
  • URL Rewriting
  • Image Attributes Management
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt file
  • Google Tag Manager
Are Feature Lists available for the Software?

Yes. We have the latest Feature Lists for the Growcer Web, Buyer App, and Delivery App.

Is the software white label?

Yes, Growcer is a white label software solution.

Different Packages of Growcer?

Please refer to Growcer to get a detailed description of the various packages available for Growcer.

Do I need to pay monthly or is it a one-time payment?

You need to pay only once.

Can a platform like Instacart be built?

Yes. A platform like Instacart can be built. However, customizations are needed.

How frequently is the system updated as per market trends?

FATbit Technologies always tries to incorporate features into their products as per the latest market trends so that the clients can get the best.

What are the different revenue channels possible with Growcer for the Admin?

The Admin can earn revenue from the platform in the following ways:

  • Through commissions on Orders: The Admin can charge a commission on every order placed through the system. The commission is charged to the Sellers only.
  • Subscription Packages: The Admin can make it mandatory for the sellers to purchase a subscription pack and only after that the sellers will be able to register their shops or access their inventory.
  • Through PPC Banners: The Admin can get revenue through PPC advertisements placed by the sellers/advertisers on the platform.
Can I change the language of the system?

Yes. Growcer supports both LTR & RTL languages.

What is the default currency of the system?

Growcer comes with USD (US Dollars) as the default currency but the System Admin can change it to the one they deem necessary.

Can the owner of the marketplace alter the source code?

Yes, the owner of the marketplace can alter the source code, but then we will not be able to provide 1-Year of free Technical Support.

Is a dedicated email notification system a part of the product? If yes, are configurations available?

Yes, the Email Notification System is offered in the product and the System Admin can also configure the related settings.

What are the technical specifications required to set up Growcer?
  • Supported Operating Systems: Linux x86, x86-64
  • Supported Web Servers: Apache 2.2.x – Apache 2.4.x, Nginx - 1.14.x
  • PHP Compatibility: 5.6 /7.x, 7.3 /7.4
  • Required Extensions
    • GD with Free Font support
    • Zlib with zip support
    • DOM
    • Mbstring should be enabled
    • Iconv function should be enabled
    • Fileinfo function should be enabled
    • Ioncube Loader
    • JSON
    • cURL function should be enabled
    • Calendar function should be enabled
    • PHP Composer should be installed
  • Safe mode off
  • Memory limit 32M or more (Some pages with advanced feature may use up to 128M)
  • Git should be installed on the server for script deployment and version controlling
  • My SQL
    • 5.6 or newer
    • PHPmyAdmin variable - SQL_mode, must have value "NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" only
  • Server Hosting setup: Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP
  • Compatible Web Hosting
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Cloud Server

Note: AWS Free Tier Instance (T2.micro) is for checking the functionality of the website/solution being delivered, we recommend upgrading to T2.medium or T2.large before you start marketing your business. Upgrading an AWS hosting instance costs only a fraction of the amount compared to the marketing costs and other direct/indirect costs involved in the performance optimization of the solution to run on T2.micro instance.

Will a knowledge transfer session be conducted to better understand the product?

Yes. FATbit Technologies provides a proper Knowledge Transfer Session to better understand the product.

Will you conduct a competitor and market analysis for the eGrocery Market?

Yes, we can perform market analysis and competitor analysis for you at an additional cost.

Will lifetime access be offered by the product?

Yes, a lifetime license is offered with the product.

For how long will the tech support be provided? Will it be paid?

FATbit Technologies provides 1-Year Free Technical Support for Growcer. To know more about the Free Technical Support please visit visit here.

Does Growcer support PWA?

Yes, Growcer supports PWA.

How does order management work?
  • The first step in the order fulfillment process is the assignment of the order to a delivery partner (delivery staff). Till this time the order status will be "In Process".
  • The next step is for the seller to pack the order and mark the order status as "Packed". The delivery partner gets notified once this is done.
  • The delivery partner picks up the products and marks the order as "Out for Delivery" from the Growcer Delivery App.
  • Once the order is delivered, the delivery partner marks the order status as "Delivered".
  • After that, the system marks the order status as "Completed" via a built-in scheduler.

Note: The buyer gets regular updates for all the status changes via Email and SMS Notifications.

How does delivery management work?
  • The order placed by the buyer is visible under the New Orders in the Growcer Delivery App to all the delivery partners (delivery staff) who are Online and in the vicinity of the seller's shop. (the vicinity is configurable). These delivery partners also get the notification for the new order.
  • The order details are shown to the delivery staff, such as Delivery Address, Products, Earnings, etc., so that the delivery partners can make an informed decision.
  • The order is accepted by one of the delivery partners, who collects the products from the seller's shop and delivers the order to the buyer.
What's included in the Product Catalog System?
  • The Admin creates products under the Product Catalog that are available to all the sellers of the platform. These products are known as Global/Marketplace Products. Each seller on the platform can add these products to their inventory.
  • The sellers can also add products to the Product Catalog but that catalog will remain private to them which means only they can add that product to the inventory. Other sellers will not be able to do so. These products are known as Seller's Private Products.
  • If a seller wants to add a product to the common product catalog that is available to all sellers, then they have to submit a request form to Admin for the same.
How does Tax management work?
  • The Admin can create Tax Categories and Rules as per the laws applicable in their region.
  • For example, a Tax Category could be VAT (Value Added Tax).
  • After creating a Tax Category, the Admin needs to create Tax Rules under the Tax Category.
  • A Tax Rule can vary according to the delivery locations or Tax type.
    • Tax type can be Simple Tax or Combined Tax.
    • Suppose a seller's store is in California, USA.
    • The Admin has created the following tax rules under the Tax Category: VAT
    • Tax Rule 1: applicable for the location - Nevada, USA.
    • Tax Rule 2: applicable for the location - Arizona, USA.
  • While creating a product in the Product Catalog, the Admin needs to bind a Tax Category. The Admin links the VAT Tax Category.
  • At the checkout, Taxes will appear as per the Tax Category binded by the Admin and the delivery location chosen by the buyer.
How does Commission Management work?
  • Commissions are a source of revenue for the Admin. Commissions can only be charged to the sellers onboarded on the platform.
  • The Admin can charge different commissions from the sellers.
  • The commission is configured as a percentage of the total order amount.
  • Admin gets their commission whenever an order is placed on the platform.
Can the system support multiple sub admins?

Yes. The System Admin can create multiple sub-admin users to manage the platform efficiently. Moreover, the Admin can manage the module-specific permissions for all sub-admin users.

Does the system have Reporting and Analytics Features?

Yes. Growcer comes with built-in Reports and Analytics for both the Platform Admin and Sellers.

How does CMS Management work and what is its use?

The Content Management System (CMS) allows the Admin to manage the content of the front end of the website. The following features are covered under the CMS Module:

  • Home Page Slides
  • Collections
  • Navigations
  • Content Pages
  • Blogs
  • FAQs and much more
Is there any free demo or personalized demo available?

Yes. You can check the latest Product Tour video to learn about the most important features provided by the platform. Watch Now

Can I resale the platform or is there any partnership program available for the same?

Yes, we do offer partnership models:

  • White Label Partnership Model: With this model, the clients can resell our products to their clients at their own prices. They can label our product under their brand name and sell it further as their own product by getting a white-labeled non-commercial demo copy set up on their server at 50% of the package price.
  • Referral Model: In this case, the client can refer a client to us and earn a commission for each project that is won.
How is Growcer different from other competitors and what makes it appropriate to start an online marketplace?

Growcer isn't just a grocery marketplace software; it is a methodology. Developed to help you leverage our 10+ years of industry experience, learning, and collective expertise so that you can execute your own comprehensive strategies in the grocery eCommerce space.

As your success matters to us, here are some advantages of Growcer that set it apart from its competitors:

  • The solution is Whitelabel.
  • No matter in which country you are planning to do business, Growcer can allow you to build your marketplace in any of the 240 languages.
  • Growcer's exclusive package comes with a personalized demo and an onsite demo as well.
  • Growcer offers free technical support for a complete year.
  • It is available at a one-time cost.
  • Unlike other grocery marketplace solution providers, the team of Growcer takes charge of all the customization work.
Does Growcer have Click and Collect or Self-Pickup Option?

Yes, the product has this option.

Can processes such as ERP, Routing, TMS (transportation management system), POD (Proof of delivery), Telematics, Dock/Yard, WMS (warehouse management system) be integrated into Growcer?

Yes, all the above-mentioned functionalities can be integrated into Growcer at an additional cost.

Will a user manual be provided with Growcer?

Yes, Growcer comes with a user manual for a better understanding of the product.

Is there any review feature for vendors available in Growcer?

Yes, Growcer comes with a review and rating feature for the vendors. With the help of the feature, you can know about the customer's experiences.

How long will I have to wait before using the system?

You can start using the system as soon as we install the product on your server (3-4 working days).

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