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The Mission

ShortA founder Will Trafford recognized the delays and economic losses caused by the shortage of tools and equipment for a construction project. To address the complexities and uncertainties prevalent in the construction equipment delivery industry, the ShortA team envisioned creating a tools and construction equipment delivery marketplace.

By launching such a platform, they wanted to take the hassles out of buying and selling of construction equipment, and tools by efficiently connecting traders, suppliers, and delivery personnel on a single platform.

Defining the Requirements

ShortA team had the vision to streamline the buying and selling process for traders and suppliers. They aimed to ease the perplexities of ordering and delivering tools, trade supplies, and construction equipment through a feature-rich platform. They wanted to offer timely deliveries of tools and equipment, facilitating urgent supply requirements and minimizing delays.

Additionally, to streamline buying and delivery processes, they wanted to launch iOS and Android mobile apps for buyers and delivery personnel.

Primary requirements shared by the client included:
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UX/UI
  • Secure payment processing
  • Product catalog management
  • Order management
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Auto-detect user location
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Route navigation

The Solution

Our client's vision was accomplished with ShortA, a feature-rich construction equipment delivery marketplace built with our cutting-edge software Growcer. Utilizing its pre-built functionality and versatile capabilities, ShortA is seamlessly connecting traders, vendors, and delivery partners. Moreover, with user-friendly and feature-rich mobile apps for buyers and delivery personnel, the ShortA team can efficiently cater to their users' needs, offering convenience, and flexibility.

Creating Unique Experiences

Amidst the technological advancements and increased user expectations, standing out has become imperative. Our software has been thoughtfully designed with advanced features that meet user expectations and deliver a seamless experience. It can cater to the unique needs of the construction equipment delivery sector, seamlessly bringing traders and suppliers together.

With our expertise and robust technology, we helped our client in fulfilling his business goals and launching a successful construction equipment delivery platform.

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Push Notifications

Instant notifications and alerts keep the users aware of orders, promotions, discounts, important updates, information, and more. This helps users stay up-to-date, providing a more convenient, and personalized experience on the platform.

User Location Detection

This feature enables auto-detection of buyers' location and displays stores in proximity, streamlining the ordering process, and ensuring accuracy in delivery addresses. This feature eliminates the need to manually enter location details.

PickUp Management

This functionality enables the administrator to offer a more convenient way for buyers to make purchases. By enabling or disabling the pickup setting, this platform allows buyers to self-pick up their orders from the store.

Order Tracking

With this pre-built capability, buyers can easily track their order and get updates in real-time.

Single Item Cancellation

Allow the buyers to seamlessly cancel individual item from the placed order, offering them the flexibility to modify their order as per their preference.

Tax Management

This pre-built feature lets administrators set up, configure, and manage different types of taxes applicable to the products sold by vendors. It also ensures transparency and provides control over tax settings facilitating smooth financial operations.

Schedule Delivery

Delivery scheduling is a very convenient feature that allows users to schedule their orders by selecting a particular time for receiving the deliveries according to their convenience. This component enables buyers to choose their preferred date and time for delivery of tools and supplies.

Delivery Management

By leveraging this functionality, the admin can self-manage the deliveries either manually assigning or broadcasting them to the delivery staff. Additionally, you can extend delivery management to sellers, enabling them to efficiently manage the order deliveries.

Mobile Apps

As per the ShortA team's requirements, we offered user-friendly and intuitive Android, and iOS mobile apps for buyers and delivery personnel. With the latest UI/UX and cutting-edge features, our apps offer effortless access to the app and utilization of its functionalities.

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The Result

With a feature-rich marketplace, ShortA is able to position itself as a prominent player in the industry. This platform is effortlessly bridging the gap between traders/vendors, and suppliers. Since its launch, this marketplace has made more than 3 million sales and has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. In addition, more than 7000 delivery partners have already registered themselves with ShortA, and this platform supports a community of 47K+ traders.

ShortA is growing at a faster pace efficiently catering to various user needs and will attain tremendous heights in the coming future.

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