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Below you will find a number of Growcer based stores and marketplaces. These live online grocery businesses are striking examples of how you can compete with the market and excel.



Country: USA

This US-based online grocery delivery platform wanted to connect consumers to the largest selection of grocery stores in the region. They wanted to deliver fresh, high-quality groceries to customer's door-step. In their pursuit to implement this business idea, Freshcartz reached out to us with the task of crafting a user-friendly and feature-rich online grocery delivery platform along with mobile apps.

Recognizing their requirements, our team launched Freshcartz packed with several features such as personalized product recommendations, secure checkout & payment processing, analytics, commission management, and others. Additionally, our suite of intuitive mobile apps offer a unified user experience and convenience to users. Since its launch, Freshcartz has been achieving success and growing tremendously.



Country: New Zealand

ShortA is a New Zealand-based on-demand tools and construction equipment delivery platform. The client approached us with the requirement to build a tools and trade delivery marketplace to eliminate the project delays caused by the shortage of construction supplies and tools. The client needed ready-made software that could effortlessly connect traders, vendors, and delivery personnel on a single platform in less time.

Our client found Growcer to be the perfect software for implementing their business idea. Many advanced features such as a product catalog system, auto-detect user location, tax management, delivery management, and more exactly fulfilled the client's requirements. Additionally, Android and iOS apps were also provided for a seamless customer experience.



Country: Nigeria, Africa

Team FATbit was contacted to develop a platform that would cater to online ordering and delivery of medicines for both B2B as well as B2C clients. There was a need for a marketplace software that could be tweaked as per location and business.

Growcer powered RxDelivered the way it was expected. A new revenue model, different user types, and comprehensive order management contributed to a better operational workflow. With customizations to include expiry date while product upload and mapping, as well as for inventory capture, and a delivery app, the platform was ready for Nigerian locals to purchase medicines online.

growcer client superkiwi


Country: USA

Superkiwi is another online grocery marketplace that provides quick delivery of groceries that are purchased online, using the platform. The team of FATbit Technologies was onboarded by the client to build a platform similar to Instacart so that groceries from supermarkets or grocery stores could be delivered. Hence, to match the client's final vision of the product, Growcer's multi-vendor solution was delivered with advanced customization.

Several distinguishing features and functionalities along with integrations like CyberSource payment gateway for secure transactions, reversal API, implementation of delivery slot restrictions for mobile apps, order checklist for deliveries, WhatsApp integration for customer support, manual delivery staff assignment, and so on, were added to amplify Superkiwi's scalability for present and future growth.

growcer client tap-retail

Tap Retail

Country: Ireland

Tap Retail is an online grocery delivery platform that is tailor-made for consumers to purchase groceries from local stores. The orders purchased can be delivered on the same day within the two-hour timeslot. After understanding the client's requirements, the platform of Tap Retail was launched with Growcer MV GoQuick Package.

In addition, our team at FATbit Technologies customized the platform's UI (buyer side) to provide an engaging user experience. Other customizations include tax bifurcation modifications on checkout forms, admin settings to enable/disable product prices inclusive of taxes module, and so on.

growcer client dhalmart


Country: USA

Dhalmart is a one-stop online grocery shopping platform that is dedicated to selling groceries, organic vegetables, and homecooked food to individuals with busy schedules. The platform was launched using the Growcer MV GoQuick package and was customized to provide convenience to buyers and delivery staff through its mobile apps. Additionally, third-party APIs were also integrated into the platform by our team at FATbit Technologies.

Moreover, the website is intuitively designed with top navigation transforming into a handy hamburger, while the buttons remain visible. When clicked, a range of products is displayed to choose from in that category. Essentially it is a marketplace for small businesses, passionate cooks, and organic farms to sell by listing their products. It is also equipped with several features that help in proficient management of inventory, delivery staff, and so on.

growcer client shopexpress


Country: Zimbabwe

ShopExpress is a Zimbabwe-based online grocery and delivery platform that delivers quality products to the customers' doors at affordable prices. The team of FATbit Technologies was approached by the client and on the basis of initial interaction, ShopExpress was developed on Growcer's Go Quick Package. For enhanced delivery, Android and iOS apps were also provided.

Further, a contact form was integrated into the platform for better communication with the customers and a payment processing system to authenticate and settle transactions. In addition, our team also works on improving the overall branding of ShopExpress by providing growth-oriented digital marketing services (at an extra cost) to reach and engage their target audience.



Country: Singapore

Kajet is a Singapore-based online marketplace for restaurant supplies. Our client envisioned bridging the gap between restaurants and suppliers, providing a seamless experience for sourcing and procurement of restaurant food essentials. The prerequisite shared by the client included user-friendly interfaces, efficient navigation, featured shop option, industry-specific functionalities, and a seamless user experience.

The client's requirements matched exactly with the specifications of the Growcer GoQuick package. Without further adieu, we launched Kajet with cutting-edge features and intuitive user interfaces. Since its launch, Kajet has been successfully connecting numerous suppliers with restaurants and is achieving substantial business growth.



Country: Nigeria

Guyyo is an online marketplace based in Nigeria that provides fresh farm and food products directly from local farmers/producers. Guyyo team envisioned building a one-stop online grocery delivery marketplace that could efficiently deliver fresh products from local farmers, and producers, to consumers. Key requirements shared by them included user-friendly UX/UI, advanced grocery delivery-specific features, secure payment options, product catalog management, and more.

The needs of the client were successfully met with the pre-built functionality of Growcer. Additionally, a few customizations such as Paystack payment gateway integration and bank transfer functionality were also implemented as per the client's needs. Since its inception, more than 1000 farmers and producers have registered themselves with Guyyo and this platform is able to achieve 99% customer satisfaction rate.

growcer client superlivery


Country: Brazil

One of Growcer's pioneer launches, Superlivery serves Soledade, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, for their online grocery shopping. A marketplace desired to cater to the quick and efficient delivery of grocery items from local stores, Superlivery was developed to enhance business agility.

Its automated processes, order status messages, CICD implementation, and geo-location for order & driver tracking added immensely to the online grocery shopping experience. The marketplace is equipped with proficient features to manage grocery delivery with the sellers and delivery staff fulfilling all orders. payment gateway integration on top of all this makes it a favorite among the Brazillian locals, supplementing Superlivery's UX.



Country: The United States of America (USA)

FATbit was brought on-board to build a platform that harbored multiple stores for multiple product categories. The marketplace offering comprehensive store catalogs for the Bolivian buyers needed to be systematic and smart, to provide an exceptional online shopping experience.

We launched Soukers on the Growcer GoQuick software. The multi-vendor platform runs coherently on location metrics, facilitating listing of the buyer's nearby stores for shopping and prompt service. A search tab enables the buyer to easily locate a local store or product, and the platform smartly saves a monthly favorites list for the customer. Distinguished features amplify UI-UX with seamless scalability.



Country: The United States of America (USA)

PravasiCart is a US-based multi-vendor online marketplace delivering groceries and cuisines. Currently, their last-mile delivery service is available for multiple locations in the US.

We were approached with a vision for a marketplace that picked up the buyer's location defining their region of ordering and delivery. PravasiCart was developed on GrowcerMV GoQuick with its trademark hyper-local feature.

Launched on the client's AWS server, and delivered with a driver's mobile app available across app stores, it offers adept grocery delivery. Product availability between central and local stores, SMTP, and management features all contributed to enhanced UI-UX for the online grocery marketplace.


My Home Grocers

Country: The United States of America (USA)

Looking to launch an online store for quick grocery delivery, the owners of My Home Grocers were quick to pick their solution. They wanted to get their online store running to deliver fresh groceries and many more house-hold essentials to their customers in the shortest time possible. Our GoQuick package with Growcer offered a swift online store set-up. It came with customizations as per client requirements for interfaces and mobile apps to streamline store operations.

Additional tweaks done to comply towards efficient delivery, convenient online shopping, offer an augmented customer experience for the people in and around Dallas.


The Herb Hut

Country: United Kingdom

Success of grocery e-commerce is paving the way for similar businesses to go online. The Herb Hut is a UK-based business of natural supplements and herbal remedies, spread across the globe. To have their high-quality products reach their consumers easily, an online store was desired.

Since the dealing was for medicines made from natural resources, we set up The Herb Hut e-commerce platform on Growcer.

An SSL integration secured the online supply of natural products. As part of the Go Quick package, the website is equipped with streamlined online ordering and delivery of Herbal products to the customer's homes.

Board Game

BoardGames N More

Country: Canada

Passionate about board games? BoardGamesNMore is here to perish your hunger for board games with a wide range of different engaging games. This family-based business is a Growcer client and provides intuitive services to customers. Bored? Visit this online store and get games home-delivered. The company conducts local events free of cost. The main aim of the organization is to engage everyone with interactive games and teach new games to everyone. Discover a whole new range of board games with BoardGames N More. Also, get free local shipping on orders.

growcer client mitti


Country: UAE

Mitti is a Growcer powered online grocery delivery store that is developed to empower farmers by directly connecting them with consumers. It is based on Growcer Lite GoQuick Package for a single store that delivers farm-fresh products directly to the customer's door. Further, to add value to the shopping experience, buyer mobile apps for Android and iOS were also provided.

Additionally, the site of Mitti incorporates an option to customize the aesthetics as per the desired color. It also encapsulates Growcer's holistic marketing module that helps in creating a cohesive user experience. So through Growcer - a sophisticated grocery ordering and delivery solution (developed by FATbit Technologies), Mitti was able to make an ecosystem for farmers to sell their organic products online.



Country: Canada

When a Canadian prospect with a physical grocery store expressed the desire to go online, FATbit had the appropriate turnkey solution to launch a single store for online grocery shopping. Clear requests for a platform with the hyper-local feature, 2 language inclusions, a local payment gateway, and chat service for better UX, fit perfectly within the solution package.

The Growcer software delivered the EazyBuy platform in Go Quick package, ready with French and English language,, organic product inventory, powered with square payment gateway.

The online store met grocery needs for locals in the language and payment modes most suitable.

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