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We have been thoroughly impressed by the capabilities of Growcer. The software provided by them was exactly what they described it to be. The entire team understands your requirements and provides an unparalleled commitment to the clients. The UI/UX is just impeccable and the team paid much attention to detail when designing it. The interfaces were extremely user-friendly, and we were able to train our new employees easily. In terms of functionality and customizations, Growcer exceeded our expectations.
John Karuma / CEO of Bitefleet
Growcer is a feature-packed software and the team has been very accommodating and flexible towards our needs. The administrative features provided within the software make the work easier and faster. Moreover, the customer support provided by them was tremendous and they ensured we got everything we needed. Overall, we had a great experience with the software and the team.
Anano G. / CEO of Kangaru
Growcer is something we have been looking for a while. Their client hands-on approach made it easy for us to set up the marketplace. The project management team was always there to guide us and resolve any issues that may arise. The features offered within the software helped us in providing unparalleled customer experience. An efficient logistics management system streamlines the processes and helps the admin manage all operations easily.
Tafanenyasha C. / CEO of Shopexpresszw
My association with Growcer has been outstanding. They have a team of experts who are always there to assist you in the process of launching your marketplace. We really appreciate the technical support provided by their experts. The features provided were exactly what we have envisioned for our grocery delivery marketplace.
Chris C. / CEO of Pravasicart
Great company for your web development needs. The customer support provided by the team is quick and very responsive. We highly recommend Growcer for your grocery delivery marketplace development needs without hesitation. The features provided were industry-specific. Moreover, we could successfully launch a marketplace and help local grocery shops provide their products online by utilizing the capabilities of Growcer.
Sherin S. / CEO of Shopik
It was a good experience working with the Growcer team. They explained everything in detail and made it easy for me to understand everything about Growcer even with limited technical knowledge. The team always helped whenever I needed any assistance. The software comes pre-equipped with all the essential functionalities required to run an online grocery platform.
Julie Peanick / CEO of Grocery-hero
The best grocery software. The team has been supportive throughout our entrepreneurial journey. The features of Growcer best suited our needs and business model. The customization requirements shared by us were seamlessly implemented. We must say, the team is highly cooperative and they have even worked over the weekends to help us meet the project deadlines. Overall, had an amazing experience with Growcer.
Antonio Zivolic / CEO of Panvia
Growcer is a popular readymade software that helped me in creating an economical online grocery website. This software offered all the necessary grocery delivery features required by us. The software is highly cost-effective and launched our grocery shopping marketplace in a quick time.
Jafar Nk / CEO of Pinoygrocers

Multi-vendor Grocery eCommerce Software Pricing

Customizable & Scalable | Whitelabel Software | Lifetime Validity | No Recurring Charges

Start your grocery eCommerce marketplace with the pricing plan best suited for your business

Web App Packages

GoQuick Lite

Launch your grocery marketplace with small investment to explore your business idea

$999 $1499

(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)

Timeline: 5-7 Working Days

All Standard Features +

  • Non-Whitelabel Web Solution ? You can rebrand the solution but growcer signature must be retained in the footer
  • Free Installation
  • Free Tech Support (6 Months)


Caters to Your Design Customization Requirements


(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)

Timeline: 50-60 Working Days

All GoQuick Features +

  • Custom Design (9 Pages) ? You will get custom-designed homepage & 8 inner pages (Accessible without login) along with all default growcer features as per your business requirements.
  • Marketing Services
  • Free Tech Support (12 Months)

Web App with Mobile Apps

GoQuick Plus

Swiftly Launch Your Grocery Delivery Marketplace with all Essential Features and Delivery Apps


(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)

Timeline: 5-7 Working Days

All GoQuick Features +

  • Web App + Delivery Apps (Android+iOS)
  • Mobile apps source code not included? Delivery apps source code is available at $3000.
  • Free Tech Support (12 Months)
Plan Details GoQuick Lite GoQuick GoQuick Plus Most PopularGoQuick Boost GoQuick Ultra
Best Suited For Launch your Grocery marketplace with small investment to explore your business idea Swiftly Launch Your Grocery Marketplace with all Essential Features Complement Your Grocery Marketplace Launch with Delivery Apps Most PopularComplement Your Grocery Marketplace Launch with Buyer and Delivery Apps GoQuick Boost + Get full source code of Buyer & Delivery apps
Includes All
Standard Features
Non-Whitelabel Solution ? You can rebrand the solution but growcer signature must be retained in the footer. Whitelabel Solution Whitelabel Solution Whitelabel Solution Whitelabel Solution
Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero
Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero
Default Design Default Design Default Design Default Design Default Design
Free Support For
Tech Fixes ? growcer provides free technical support for Server-side scripting or programming errors/bugs found in the system.
6 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Android + IOS
Buyer App
Android + IOS
Delivery App
Lifetime Ownership
of Source Code
Own Full Source Code of Web App (Excluding Framework) Own Full Source Code of Web App (Excluding Framework)
Source Code of Android + IOS Delivery apps is available at $3000
Own Full Source Code of Web App (Excluding Framework)
Source Code of Android + IOS Buyer apps is available at $5000
Source Code of Android + IOS Delivery apps is available at $3000
Own Full Source Code of Web App (Excluding Framework)
Own Full Source Code of Buyer & Delivery apps (Android + IOS).
Payment Option ? 40% Upfront prior to starting work, 30% on completion of designing phase prior to start of development phase and 30% on completion of the project, prior to moving files to your server.
Payment Gateway
Integration ? Comes with gateways including Stripe, PayPal, and others pre-integrated.
20+ Pre-Integrated
Payment Gateways
20+ Pre-Integrated
Payment Gateways
20+ Pre-Integrated
Payment Gateways
20+ Pre-Integrated
Payment Gateways
20+ Pre-Integrated
Payment Gateways
Custom Features
  • Customization Cost
    ? - $18/Hr for non-exclusive rights
    - $25/Hr for exclusive rights
  • Customization Cost
    ? - $18/Hr for non-exclusive rights
    - $25/Hr for exclusive rights
  • Customization Cost
    ? - $18/Hr for non-exclusive rights
    - $25/Hr for exclusive rights
  • Customization Cost
    ? - $18/Hr for non-exclusive rights
    - $25/Hr for exclusive rights
  • Customization Cost
    ? - $18/Hr for non-exclusive rights
    - $25/Hr for exclusive rights
Launch Your Advanced eCommerce Grocery Marketplace at Affordable Cost

Clients and Testimonials

We enable our clients to solve complex challenges by providing grocery shopping and delivery mobile apps.

This was a good experience. Aditya Sharma & the FatBit team was a pleasure to work with. He explained what I needed to do and made it simple to understand even for someone with little tech experience (like myself). I look forward to working with FatBit in the future on additional projects.

Julie Peanick

The product is user-friendly and it has met and exceeded our expectations. Well done!
Easy of product use and customization to meet customer expectations. The product brings international level of online commerce standards to local markets at competitive price.

Tafa Chandiwana

We enjoyed working with Fatbit team, especially Jaspreet Kambo and Ramandeep Kaur. There were occasions when members of the team were working over the weekend to help us meet the project's deadlines. Also, there were CRs that were kindly done for us that is highly appreciated. We are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration with Fatbit team.

Antonio Zivolic

The quality of this app is outstanding. The UI is just impeccable and you can tell how much attention went to detail when designing it. So much easier to use, I am able to train my new employees with such ease. In terms of functionality, Growcer exceeded my expectations. Good database handling and so versatile in customization.

Tafanenyasha C.

I appreciate the technical support given by team lead Raman Deep, her effective communication and fast resolution has been a big blessing to our company.

Chris C.

This is amazing product has lots of features. I have researched many products before selecting this platform and I found it best among all . The team is very friendly and they are always there to support you at any stage of your project.

Anano G.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growcer?

Growcer is an online grocery software that is built with the latest technology and is integrated with 14+ APIs to help you start your online grocery delivery business with ease. Comprising a comprehensive suite of rich features, Growcer assists you in managing your grocery eCommerce marketplace/store without any worry. The team of visual designers, operational & technology experts and developers came up with Growcer to meet the needs of the evolving grocery eCommerce landscape. It is an ideal software solution that comes with iOS and Android applications for buyers and delivery staff to provide long-term competitive advantage.

What type of business models can Growcer support?
What are the different types of niches that can be catered to by Growcer?
Does Growcer have mobile apps?
What is the Workflow of the Growcer Delivery App?
What is the workflow of the Growcer's Grocery Ordering App?
Is Growcer GDPR-compliant?
Is Growcer Multilingual?
Are there any geographical restrictions while operating a platform built with Growcer?
How does the Delivery Management Module work in Growcer?
What type of payment gateways are integrated into the Growcer?
Does the platform have marketing features?
Does the platform have an affiliate module?
Is the Platform SEO-Friendly?
Are Feature Lists available for the Software?
Is the software white label?
Different Packages of Growcer?
Do I need to pay monthly or is it a one-time payment?
Can a platform like Instacart be built?
How frequently is the system updated as per market trends?
What are the different revenue channels possible with Growcer for the Admin?
Can I change the language of the system?
What is the default currency of the system?
Can the owner of the marketplace alter the source code?
Is a dedicated email notification system a part of the product? If yes, are configurations available?
What are the technical specifications required to set up Growcer?
Will a knowledge transfer session be conducted to better understand the product?
Will you conduct a competitor and market analysis for the eGrocery Market?
Will lifetime access be offered by the product?
For how long will the tech support be provided? Will it be paid?
Does Growcer support PWA?
How does order management work?
How does delivery management work?
What's included in the Product Catalog System?
How does Tax management work?
How does Commission Management work?
Can the system support multiple sub admins?
Does the system have Reporting and Analytics Features?
How does CMS Management work and what is its use?
Is there any free demo or personalized demo available?
Can I resale the platform or is there any partnership program available for the same?
How is Growcer different from other competitors and what makes it appropriate to start an online marketplace?
Does Growcer have Click and Collect or Self-Pickup Option?
Can processes such as ERP, Routing, TMS (transportation management system), POD (Proof of delivery), Telematics, Dock/Yard, WMS (warehouse management system) be integrated into Growcer?
Will a user manual be provided with Growcer?
Is there any review feature for vendors available in Growcer?
How long will I have to wait before using the system?
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