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Online Grocery Business Insights

Influential trends consisting of new grocery business models, technological advancements, evolving market players & consumers' attitude & behaviour are reshaping the transformation of the grocery industry.

Online Grocery Business Insights

How to Set up Your Online Grocery Delivery Marketplace with Growcer?

Starting an online grocery delivery marketplace requires a deep understanding of every aspect surfacing the grocery industry that includes the latest market trends, types of business models, detailed working of a grocery website, development methods, business benefits, among other things. To help startups and SMBs start their online grocery delivery business, the team of experts at FATbit Technologies created Growcer: a multi-vendor grocery delivery solution brimmed with all features that enable businesses to conveniently launch a grocery delivery marketplace.

Prominent Features Offered by Growcer Lite's Buyer App

Visiting supermarkets and local grocery stores to buy groceries regularly could be hectic and time-consuming. This is where the Growcer Lite comes in handy. It is a grocery store solution that helps entrepreneurs set up a grocery store without any hassle. Growcer Lite, a grocery store solution comes with ready-to-launch Android and iOS mobile apps designed to provide a seamless shopping experience to buyers. Both mobile apps are equipped with features like social media log in, digital payments, order tracking, product comparison, push notifications, and more to provide buyers with ease of shopping.

Most Profitable Ideas to Start Your Hyperlocal eCommerce Delivery Business in 2021

The fear of getting infected by the Coronavirus is pushing people towards using hyperlocal delivery platforms to meet their basic needs. Though the COVID-19 is not going to fade anytime soon, it is expected that people will continue using hyperlocal eCommerce platforms in the coming future. Hence, it is the right time for entrepreneurs to turn this ongoing crisis into an opportunity by starting a hyperlocal eCommerce delivery business. From online grocery delivery marketplace to liquor & wine delivery marketplace, there are various business ideas that entrepreneurs must invest in to generate higher profits in 2021.

Essential Features for Your Grocery Delivery App to Tackle the COVID-19 Challenges

As the grocery industry is going through a sharp growth curve in the present times, offline grocers must go digital by creating a mobile app to generate business revenue. Digital payments, curbside pickup, order scheduler, and push notifications are crucial features that grocery delivery businesses must include in their mobile app to reduce the COVID-19 transmission. Growcer is integrated with all such elements that help companies create a mobile app to overcome COVID-19 challenges.

What Future has in Store for the Online Grocery Delivery Market?

Whether it's AmazonFresh/FreshDirect/Instacart, every significant player in the grocery industry has witnessed a steep rise in the demand for their grocery delivery services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per the recent report by Statista, the online grocery market in the U.S. is estimated to generate sales worth 59.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. Entrepreneurs who are willing to start their grocery delivery marketplace as thriving as Instacart, FreshDirect or AmazonFresh must select a multi-vendor grocery marketplace software like Growcer.

How does Instacart's Buyer App Works?

The COVID-19 outbreak has skyrocketed the demand for grocery delivery apps like Instacart over the last year. Instacart was among the most downloaded apps in the U.S. in 2020, with 11.5 million downloads, according to Statista. The grocery delivery giant was valued at $39 billion in March 2021. This massive upsurge has inspired budding entrepreneurs to invest in grocery delivery app development. Those who want to serve their customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a grocery delivery app like Instacart must understand the detailed workflow of Instacart's Buyer App.

Know More About Launching an Online Grocery Delivery Marketplace

The changing consumer behaviour and the increasing demand for online grocery delivery services make entrepreneurs think of launching their online grocery delivery marketplace. However, starting a grocery delivery business could be challenging and time-consuming, considering the rising competition in the market. Entrepreneurs looking to set up their online grocery delivery marketplace quickly and conveniently must follow some crucial steps, as explained in this short video tutorial.

Launch Your Grocery eCommerce Marketplace

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