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The global funeral products and services market is expected to reach up to US $ 370, 000 by the end of 2022

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Statistics Roundup: Understanding the Growth of Online Funeral Industry

The global funeral supplies market has garnered a remarkable momentum in the past couple of years. The surge in the mortality rate has proliferated the demand for funeral products and services globally. The rapid growth of the funeral products and services market is catching the eyeballs of online funeral professionals and entrepreneurs looking to start their online funeral product delivery business.

  • According to FuneralOne, 93% of people purchase gifts or flowers online to express their support to grieving families.
  • Funeral firms are earning up to 25% commission on each sale made on their funeral home website
  • 600 funeral firms are generating millions of dollars in revenue from selling sympathy, gifts & flowers online.
  • The U.S. funeral market rakes in more than $20 billion every year while serving an average of 2.4 million funerals in the U.S. alone.
  • E-commerce revenue generated from the online sales of funeral services in Spain reached up to 345 thousand euros from the fourth quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2018

Single Vendor Funeral Product Delivery store: Business & Revenue Model

Business Model

Here's how things work in an online standalone funeral product delivery website:

  • The customer registers on the website through email addresses or social logins.
  • The customer explores the portal for funeral items he needs and adds them to the cart.
  • The customer places the order along with the delivery details and makes payment.
  • Order is delivered by the website owner or third-party delivery service.

Revenue Model

The owner of an online single vendor store generates revenue by directly selling the funeral products to its customers under its own brand name. The store owner has complete control over its brand, reputation, and product marketing which allow him/her to reach out to their customers in a more personalized manner. Moreover, the website owner can offer discounts on the products depending on his customer preferences, control the flow of sales using sales tactics and earn more money by expanding his business and product supply.

Popular Online Single-Vendor Funeral Product Delivery Stores

Following is a list of most popular online single vendor funeral product delivery stores:

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Multi-Vendor Funeral Product Delivery Marketplace: Business & Revenue Model

Business Model

Have a look at how various users work in an online funeral product delivery marketplace:

  • The admin adds multiple funeral product shops to his website by partnering with them.
  • The user registers on the portal via the email address or social logins and selects the location where he/she wants products to be delivered.
  • The customer browses through the funeral product menu and adds them to the cart.
  • After adding funeral items to the shopping cart, the customer makes payment through the preferred payment option and his order gets placed.
  • The seller receives the order request and immediately starts the shipment process. The product delivery is conducted by the marketplace owner or third-party delivery service.
  • The entire payment is transferred to the admin, who after cutting the commission transfers the rest of the amount to the vendor's wallet.

Revenue Model

The owner of a multi-vendor funeral product delivery marketplace earns money through following revenue generation methods:

  • Commission
    Marketplace owner earns a commission on every transaction that takes place on the platform. He deducts commission price on every funeral product purchase and transfers the remaining amount into the vendor's account.
  • Banner ads & On-Site Promotion
    The admin can host various advertisers to publicize their advertisements on the marketplace. The cost of adverts depends on the size of the ad, duration, location, and the web-page on which it will be displayed.
  • Delivery Charges
    If the marketplace owner is conducting the product delivery on its own instead of hiring a third-party delivery service, then he can directly earn money by charging the delivery commission to the buyer.

Popular Online Multi-Vendor Funeral Product Delivery Marketplaces

Some of the most popular Online Multi-Vendor Funeral Product Delivery Marketplaces are listed below:

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Do you have a mobile application for Growcer?
  • Single Vendor: Growcer Lite, our single vendor online grocery solution comes with a mobile application for the buyers (front end users) only. The mobile application is available for Android as well as iOS users.
  • Multivendor: Our multi-vendor online grocery marketplace solution comes with robust Android and iOS mobile applications for the delivery staff. By simplifying the process of grocery delivery, these mobile applications can be of great use for the delivery boys.
Is pricing includes payment gateway also?

By default, Growcer supports the PayPal payment gateway. However, any additional payment gateway can be integrated at an extra cost depending on various factors involved, starting at $750.

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Yes, the product will be deployed on your server.

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Both, Email notification and configuration are available.

Do you give us the full product with source code, database scripts etc.?

We will provide you the complete product with full source code (without framework), database.

Who will manage the domain name and hosting?

Once you will purchase any of the packages, you will need to share the domain name and cpanel details with us and we will install the system on your server.

Will you arrange some Knowledge Transfer sessions to understand the product better?

We will provide user manual document to understand the system.

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