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As per reports by Grand View Research, by the year 2025, the global board games industry which is a part of the table top game industry is expected to touch $21.56 Billion.

Acceleration Statistics Of The Online Board Games Industry Amid COVID-19

With global stay-at-home orders imposed, people have started investing more time in recreational activities like playing table top games:

Game Category Game Examples
board gamesBoard Games
Adventure board games, Backgammon,Can't Stop, Chess, German-style board games, Go, Reversi
card gamesCard Games
Solitaire, Collectibles Card Games, Hanafuda, Tarot Card Games
dice gamesDice Games
Bunco, Craps, Farkle, Generala, Poker Dice, Sic bo, Yahtzee, Zombie Dice
tabletop role playing gamesTabletop role-playing games
Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
strategy gamesStrategy Games
Wargames, Government simulation games, Miniatures Games
title based gamesTile-Based Games
15 puzzle, Anagrams, Dominoes, Mahjong, Mahjong Solitaire, Tangrams

Following are the two major markets of the board games:

United States

A majority of the families residing in the U.S. are reportedly changing their habits and investing more time in performing in real-time activities like playing board games and limiting their total screen-time.

The diverse range of activities like coloring & chalk games and hands-on learning reflected a spike in sales. The gross market value of the tabletop games in the U.S. was estimated to be approximately $2.23 Billion in 2019. The market is expected to reach $3.73 Billion by 2025.

A 26% rise was projected in the total sales of toys and board games in the U.S. in the second last week of March. The growth in the sector w.r.t to the gross online sales is enlisted as follows:

  • Puzzels: +228%
  • Arts and Crafts: +70%
  • Building sets: +76%
  • Outdoor and sports toys: +20%

Great Britain

Highlighting the current scenario, a majority of the Britons spend more time playing tabletop games like board games (chess, adventure gamebooks), miniature games, card & dice games, etc.

The online sales of puzzles and games rose by 42% in the first quarter of the year. As per the research conducted, the results showed that around 31% of the total population accepted indulging more in playing tabletop games during the lockdown. Also, one-third of the total British population is planning to purchase toys and board games by the end of the lockdown.

online board games

Business And Monetization Models Supporting The Online Board Games Delivery Services or Online Tabletop Game Delivery Services

Entrepreneurs who wish to launch an online board game delivery marketplace and board game delivery app can follow the below-mentioned business and monetization models:

Standalone Store Business Model

  • The users have to get registered on the board game delivery website with valid credentials (email or social media).
  • After completing the registration process and signing-in, the users can browse through a wide range of board games and add to cart for purchasing.
  • The users can pay for the selected board games using integrated e-payment methods.
  • After receiving the order, the store owner/admin will deliver the product to the customer.

Revenue Model

  • Product Margin
  • Display Ads

Marketplace/Multi-Vendor Store Business Model

  • The admin will create a board game delivery website and enlist multiple stores or manufacturers who sell board games.
  • To use the services, the consumers first have to sign-up and register on the website using valid credentials (email or social media login).
  • The consumers can select board games from multiple stores and add it to the cart.
  • The consumers can pay for their orders online. After receiving the payment, the admin cuts his share of the commission.
  • The delivery will be initiated and managed by the admin or third party.

Revenue Model

  • Commission per order
  • On-site promotions
  • Banner Ads

Online Board Games Delivery Website: Must-Have Features

Easy Registration

The users can easily register on the website using their email ID and password or simply by entering their social media credentials.

Inventory Management

With this feature, ensure the availability of stocks and update information on the website with data modification.

Review & Rating Management

With this advanced feature, the customers can leave reviews on the website for the quality of products being offered. The admin can also moderate the reviews as per discretion.

CMS Management

This feature enables the admin to manage content pages, banners, slides, discount coupons, and much more.

Multiple Payment Options

The readymade platform to sell board games comes integrated with multiple payment gateways. The customers can select a preferred payment option and proceed with placing orders.


Attain a wider business reach with this robust feature over multiple regions. Always stay ahead of your competitors in the tabletop industry by gaining the interest of more customers.

Delivery Schedule

Scale better by allowing your customers to schedule order deliveries as per their convenience. The customers will receive their parcels containing board games whenever they are available.

Route Optimization For Drivers

The delivery staff can experience easy route navigation with this pre-integrated feature in the board games delivery platform. Enable the delivery personnel to make faster deliveries and create a great user experience.

Order Fulfillment Status

Systematically view the order fulfillment status with this critical feature. Keep a track of all orders, from when placed, till received by the customers.


Create an impeccable shopping experience with the self-pickup option, also known as the Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) feature. Allow your customers to schedule deliveries and self-pickup board game orders from predefined collection points.

Leading Online Board Games Delivery Services

board games bliss Board Games Bliss
unbox boardom Unbox boardom
zatu Zatu
boardgamer Boardgamer

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